Thursday, February 24, 2011

Education?? (Warning... this is a rant!)

My wife was feeling ill this morning so I stayed home and helped her with the babies.  I decided to have the news on in the background and it has pretty much ruined my day.  The most disturbing / upsetting news is not the shit going on in the mid-east either.  It is the constant news of budget cuts to our education system / teachers jobs.  I don’t get stressed easily but this is stressing me the hell out!
How can any government, state or local, allow their budget deficits get so big that they are going after teaching jobs?  It has me really concerned…  Will my children even get educated at this point?  Are they cutting all the other jobs that they can before they look at firing teachers?  The Providence RI situation is completely insane!!  Why are they issuing pink slips to the entire staff of teachers in the city?  There should never be an education budget shortage that requires you to fire everyone.  If they don’t hire anyone back where will those kids get educated?  They will have to hire some back right?  How many other gov’t employees out there are making twice what a teacher makes and they get to keep their jobs.  Does the governor’s secretary really need a secretary?  That of course is an exaggeration, but I think you get the point that there is ‘bound to be “fat” elsewhere in our gov’t.  When did a teacher become that “fat”??
Our leaders really need to open their fucking eyes and make some drastic changes for the better.  I want a leader that has the balls to stand up for what is right for this country and get the senators / congressmen to drop the silly kindergarten bullshit (spitefullness) and if you aren't on board then get the fuck out!  They are in those positions of power for a reason and if they need to decide to cut their pay, tax me more (hell yes I'm willing to pay more to ensure my kids are educated!) and tax the wealthy a shit-load more (think of getting rid of Bush tax cuts!) then do it!  Don't cut funding to the protect the safety of this country, and drop the stupid lobbyists and their pet projects.  I don’t have all the solutions, that is not my fucking job, but cutting teachers jobs has to stop!  America certainly can’t continue on if we don’t have anyone left to educate our kids!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Slobbery Kisses

This was a blog post that was supposed to feature on as apart of her blog wars.  I was selected to list the pros of slobbery kisses.  However... AverageGirl unfortunately has had some illness in the family that has prevented her from posting it.  I hope everyone gets better and she can return soon.

Who doesn’t love a good slobbery kiss? I may be dating myself by calling it this but when you are “French” kissing another person you don’t want feel like you are kissing a sandbox. Slobber is a must!

It adds to the passion of the moment. There is a time and a place for a peck on the cheek, perhaps when you kiss your mother or kids. However, when you want a “real” kiss it needs to be no-holds-barred (pun intended), spit swappin’, slobber drippin’ off your chin kiss. Having slobber dripping off your chin says “I am completely committed to this kiss.” Besides, can you imagine sex without slobbery kisses? It would be like whiskey and coke, without the whiskey. 

Slobbery kisses are a must in Hollywood. You aren’t going to sell any tickets to a Romantic comedy or love story without a good slobbery kiss scene somewhere. It doesn’t count either unless you can see the strings of saliva hanging from both participants in full 1080p HD glory. I say participants because Hollywood uses slobbery kisses to attract all kinds of people. 

The Notebook’s uber-passionate reunited kiss scene tugs at the hearts of every woman (my wife’s anyway). 
While they satisfy the fantasy of every guy with the Wild Things pool kiss. 
There are plenty of people who enjoyed the embrace on Brokeback Mountain.
 Then there is my all time favorite… Han Solo’s smacker he planted on Princess Leia in the heat of the moment. 
Hollywood would be sunk without slobbery kisses!

So… If you aren’t convinced yet let’s try some medical facts! Research claims that passionate kissing will cause you to lose weight! It's time to start that kissing diet! Passionate kissing relieves tension, reduces negative energy and produces a sense of well being. Even your dentist will be happy with your slobbery kissing habits. The extra saliva washes bacteria off your teeth, which can help break down oral plaque. 

Next time you get a chance, give someone a slobbery kiss! They will thank you for it!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

To Curse or Not to Curse…

I was raised in a religious household, so cursing was a major “no-no”.  My mother would fuss at my dad if he let one slip.  Heaven forbid I say one.  No I never had my mouth washed with soap, but she did always tell me I shouldn’t stoop to “that” level…  Well what is that level?
Not that my mother knows, but I have been cussing since I was 12.  You know you start picking up words on the bus and next thing you know they are just part of your vocab.  Of course in high school everybody cusses because they think it’s cool.  The older I get though I have realized that you don’t really grow out of it.  Cursing becomes less “cool” but no less part of your daily vocab.
I am guessing my mother’s lower level would be referring to what she would consider to be degenerates and other rif-raf.  The fact of the matter is though I work with some highly educated, well-paid people that curse just as bad as a sailor, to use the cliché.  Here’s the part that gets offensive…
The part that my mother just never understood (mainly because she is religious and just doesn’t believe in it) is “Oh shoot” just doesn’t express the same thing that “Oh shit” does.  The use of the curse is that extra umpf that explains the severity of the situation.  A good example would be getting someone out of your office.  If there is no urgency you just ask them to “scram” or you may “shoo” them away.  However, if you need them to leave immediately then “Fuck off” is best way to do it.  The other person knows that now is not the time to linger, it is time to get out!
So I guess as opposed to stooping to a lower level, I have always felt that cussing takes it up a notch and lets people know that you aren’t messing around.  Which is why it is still included in my daily vocabulary.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Annoying Office Mate

Have you ever had to share an office with someone who is a nice person but they just irritate the shit out of you?  There are days you just want to smack the person!

A little less than a year ago I got moved down the hall to this nice remote, quiet little hole in the wall with no windows and black paint on the ceiling.  It is a converted testing room, in other words it has been converted to an office just because of lack of other space.  Which is no problem, I like it.  It is an out of sight out of mind little office.  I share it with just one other guy who I get along with just fine.  However a month or so after I moved in I realized that he is a little bit clingy.  He constantly needs someone to talk to.  Sometimes he will just talk to himself.  To each his own.  I am kinda opposite, I like the quiet.  Anyway, as time has gone
on it has gotten out of control to the point he wants me to proof-read some of his e-mails he sends out! 

The other not-so-endearing quality about him?  He whines... A lot...  about everything...  Anytime there is a change made in the way we do something at work he will bitch and moan for at least six months before he finally just shuts up and does what he is supposed to.  Again though for some reason he likes to try to drag me down with him. The worst part is if I am not carefull he will take something that I agreed with, just to shut him up, and tell our boss that I agree with him!  Insanity!

So what do I do???  I try to ignore him a lot of the time.  Especially when bitching about work.  We can have the occasional good conversation about a movie or a football game last night etc.  However, he doesn't like to be ignored that much.  So what does he do?  Occasionally he will roll himself over to my desk (which is no more that 10 ft away anyway) and proceed to hover over my shoulder 'til I look at what he is talking about.  He is lucky he doesn't get a fist with my attention!

Argh!!!!  There are days it drives me completely fucking nuts!  The part that keeps my mouth shut???  I would hate to lose my office and have to go back to a "bullpen" with 5 other whiny individuals.  Oh well I guess that is why I am bitching at this blog.  No one will probably hear it either but at least I get it off my chest!

So, just for fun... What does your office mate do that annoys the shit out of you??? :)